Chris Naaden and April Naaden are the owners and operators of Noble Transcription Services.

Our combined business and educational experiences lend to effective, accurate, and timely transcriptions.

Prior to starting our business, Chris spent several years as a sales representative. He worked in the real estate and mortgage industry, expanding his working knowledge of finance and the world of business. In 2003, Chris received his MBA “with honors.” His undergraduate degree is in Computer Science.

April has a four-year background in agency insurance and, prior to that, over a year of private investigations employment. In both positions, her superiors praised her swift and precise work. April has a Bachelor’s degree in English which she received “with high honors.”

Both of us have superb spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills. We can hear a speech, conference call, interview, or other audio material and know how to turn it into a readable document, without changing any words or ordering. We pride ourselves on our strict attention to detail and our confidentiality with our clientele.

Thank you for considering Noble Transcription Service for your next audio-to-paper project. We are excited to work with you!

Noble Transcription Services

(714) 335-1645



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